Oct 18, 2007

Weekend of Oct 13/14 2007 Beautiful Fall Weekend

I arrived back into vancouer on a perfect fall weekend. I slept in on Saturday morning, did the normal post race/travel unpacking and laundry and then headed out for a run in the lower seymour trails. I had planned to go for an easy 1 hour run and then hope on my mtn bike and ride around while the trails were semi dry. On my way home I ran into Tom and Duncan, two guys I met at the Momar race in Cumberland. I decided to join them on their run..always nice to run with others, and I'm always up for meeting new people in the area. We ended up going uo to Lynn canyon area etc. After a lovely run through the woods with these two great guys I looked down at my watch and saw I had been running for 3 hours. So I deeked out close to home and headed back to my place..It was a fantastics day for a run in the trails...life was good. I guess I felt like I could do more so after grabbing some food I headed out on my mountian bike for a little ride before I picked up some stuff at Parkgate Mall. All in all a fabulous day.

I was kind of angry at my laziness when I woke up as I really wanted to participate in the cyclo cross race but at 645am when my alarm went off i could not be bothered to bike for an hour to the race start, race and then bike home...so I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep. I woke up and with my frustrations of not riding to the race and it being another beautiful day I decided to go for a long mountian bike ride...I could use the practice and again love being on the trails at this time of year. I managed to bump into Graham and his buddies as well as Tom and Duncan again..it was a great ride....thought about lots and just enjoyed the crisp air and realized what a beautiful place we live in.
In the afternoon I biked down to deep cove and decided to run the baden powell trail down in that area...It was good but a little too busy for my likings...but always a pleasure to see people outside and exercising...so I can't get too angry....its just gets a little annoying after saying "excuse me, pardon me" over and over again.

Yay for bright colours, crisp cool air, sun, and wonderful trails in my backyard.....

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