Aug 22, 2007

Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak Aug 21 2007

As it turns out we are finding ourselves lucky on tues evenings here in deep cove. Its been pretty ugly weather and then the sunshine finds it way out just in time for the tuesday night kayak races. This tuesday, it was only a kayak but a long one and my arms were sore the next day. I've been kayaking in an Arlyck IV..not sure what that means really but it needs to make me go faster...haha...or is that my fault??? sometimes its just makes you feel better when you can blame the reason I don't like having the gucci stuff then there goes a solid reason you weren't that fast.....I'm so glad I got myself involved in these races...the people are so welcoming (maybe 'cause I'm still not beating them....we'll see next year....hahah) the atmoshpere is just perfect and it is literally prob one of the best ways to spend 20 bucks. So, last night was my first try without the finger brace...and it felt was nice to finally grip the paddle... I suppose I should take a technique lesson from one of the greats in the near future and then practice practice practice.....hmm...i'm thinking of getting myself a used boat....and a little trailor so i can whip down on my bike with the boat in the back....ghetto I know...but maybe kind of hot???? jokes.
Good job Deep cove kayaks!!!!

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