Aug 14, 2007

Tuesday Night kayak races at Deep Cove kayak

Since I moved to North vancouver just over a month ago I started taking part in these wonderful races. They take place every Tuesday night in deep cove. Cost is about 3 bucks and renting a kayak is cheap and you get to go race around the indian arm with a bunch of great kayakers and usually head to the local pub (the raven) afterwards for some drinks and beer. Tues have become one of my fav nights due to these races. Tonight was no exception. It was along paddle with a short swim at the end. It was a gorgeous evening with just enough wind to give you that extra tough feeling. Although my finger is still somewhat broken it feels much better and even attempted the swim with it....I think (the claw I call it) gave me an extra push. Thanks deep cove kayaks for a fab night (even though i dind't win a draw prize..hehe).
live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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