Aug 20, 2007

Iron Lung, BCMC trail and Michael Franti Aug 19th

Iron Lung
I woke up Sunday morning, feeling fairly good considering I raced Sat and partied pretty well Sat night. Got myself up and out ready to run a 20km Trail Run Race on the lower Seymour trails. I was stretching and warming up and remembering that on the race the previous day my energy levels wre still quite low....I was debatingin my mind whether I should run the 20km course or the 10km course. Being me, I started off with the 20km thinking I felt good enough at the start line but within the first 2 km I knew my body needed more time to recover so I took my first out and headed for the 10km course. I wasn't puching it mostly because I just physically couldn't but wanted to finish at least something. Now this is the first time I haven't finished a race I entered 9or at least finished it properly) and it was a strange feeling but deep down I knew it was the right choice. My body needed to rest and that was its way of telling me....I should listen more often. I expected to have a nice relaxing afternoon before heading to a concert that evening. I ended up getting in touch with two good friends that I haven't seen in awhile and they were going for a hike up grouse mountain to check out the bears and get some of course I joined....we hiked up BCMC trail and it was fabulous. I had never been on the trail before and its challenging but much quieter than the grind...infact we didn't run into any other parties at all. Definitely my kind of trail. We hiked up, had probably one of the greatest plums I have had in a long time and hung out with the bears....There were some definite kodack moments with the bears but of course none of us brought our cameras.....We descended just in time for me to meet my friend Martin Downtown for dinner before heading to the Michael Franti and Spearhead Concert. All I can say is that it was magical. Micheal Franti and Spearhead put on a stellar performance. Even when the rain came pouring down he just played harder and with even more emotion and love. WOW.....what a way to end a great weekend in the city.

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