Aug 31, 2007

Weekend in Ottawa Aug 24-27

I was in Ottawa for the weekend (hometown...) for work. It was great to see the family, and some close friends. I am terrible at giving a heads up for my sparse home visits and am truly sorry for that. It was so great to see my hot little nephew big now, man those babies grow so quick....its hard being soooo far away...Please remember me Kieffer!!!! haha. Rasa just got engaged so thats some fun exciting news and am totally stoked for one of the greatest parties EVER...(next to my wedding...(if that ever happens...hahaha)). We did some classic Augaitis shopping, strolled the market which is so great in the summers..I tried to work on some sort of tan as I have never been so pale in the summer as I am right now....the lack of sunshine in Van this summer was a little disappointing, although great for sports not so fun those summer beach days we all crave and love....I ended my trip with a great bbq with wine and visitors in our gazibo(sp?)...classic Augaitis style (with candles, lights, and music). Love you guys!

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