Aug 20, 2007

Aug 13-17 2007...Dog Peak

-This was a slow training week for me...I think they call it recovery? My 2 least favorite times are the taper and the recovery..what do people do with all this free time? sit and hang out? foreign and difficult for me.
-I got the pleasure of hanging out with Gary R the night before he left for Australia to go race in their XPD race. He took me ona great little hike/run to Dog Peak. We just missed the actual sunset but that yellowish tint was still lingering in the sky which was beautiful. It is an unbelievable view point on a clear night. We just sat on this big rock and looked down upon the shimmering city lights of the lower mainland. You could see Sechelt, the island, the was magical. Behind us some Squamish peaks were poking through and the shadows of the mountain ranges deserve more than words. We sat there for about 2 hours. This may sound cheesy but I fet like an angel watching over the hustle and bustle of those down below. We hiked out with headlamps, taken off route and landed ourselves in some sort of swamp but eventually made it back to the car. The Seymour park worker was waiting there for us t let us out of the closed was 11pm...oops.

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