Jun 1, 2009

Multisport Weekend

No pics from the weekend... too much in the moment fun (and I forgot my camera at home).

Friday I finally met up with a fabulous old friend Megan for a road ride down to Horseshoe Bay and back. I hadn't been on my roadie in quite some time and just had a blast on it... so light and fast. The ride motivated me to pull it out more often than not!

Andrew and I stayed in the city over the weekend although, we didn't actually spend much time in the apartment (which is stellar). Saturday morning we met Johnny and Ben for a paddle in the wind and waves in preparation for the Around Bowen Challenge Kayak Race June 7th (Andrew and I are battling it the double baidarka). So we headed off from Eagleridge Harbour out to an island, around it and into Horseshoe Bay. It was such a neat feeling to paddle into Horseshoe bay via kayak (you get a whole different perspective from the water looking in). The waves and wind were definitely tricky in some areas and the hefty boat traffic didn't make things any easier but I suppose that is what we were after in the end. Ben and Johnny did circles around us in the double surfski but thats okay we were working hard pulling the heavy yet fast Baidarka around. After lunch at the Lynnwood cafe (one of the original truck stop cafes on the Shore we headed to Ben's for beers, boat chatter and trampoline fun. Since on the shore ANdrew and I decided to run around in Lynn Valley. I;ve been missing the shore trails for running and inspiration. The run started off slow and blah but as we sailed over rocks and roots and among beautiful BC forest my legs came back and my smile grew bigger. The trails were emptying out as it was past dinner time on the weekend and it felt like we had the park and rails to ourselves.

Sunday morning I had a fun new experience. A dance audition! woohoo While I was there ANdrew headed out onto the elaho to do some whitewater kayaking (something I am hoping to learn about this summer). After my audition I headed out on my mtn bike and hit up some of the Seymour trails (it was so nice to ride them again...just like old times: although I am much better now). We finished off the weekend with friends and music down by Jericho beach. A lovely beach with views of downtown, marinas, mountains and killer sunsets.

Tomorrow I begin my wilderness first aid course. 90 hours. 2 weeks. I'm looking forward to it.

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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