Jun 15, 2009

I love the Outdoors!

The last two weeks have been filled with learning new skills and knowledge about the wilderness, rescues and first aid. I spent 10 fabulous and long days learning how to deal with trauma, illnesses, exposure in the wilderness. I needed to complete this course for guiding as well as for me and increasing my confidence in the wilderness. I met some great folks who obviously love the outdoors and had two fantastic instructors. I definitely recommend a course with Slipstream.

Andrew, just couldn't bare to spend another day without me (hahaha) and biked over to the island to meet me in Victoria. The two of then bike toured around victoria and Salt Spring Island for the weekend. It was so great to see him again and as usual we had a blast on bikes together. We tried to limit the weight as I had to bring back all of my first aid equipment and so we made a make shift tarp/tent with the tarp I had and poles that Andrew brought. Comedy but to my surprise functional.
Saturday we caught the tail end of the Salt Spring hippish market... lots of unique local art, clothes and food.... one of the best markets of all the gulf islands. That night we went to the tree house cafe for some drinks and live music.... Stephanie Rhodes and friends were playing and they were just fab. I really really enjoy small venue chill live music.... Sunday we spent the day on our bikes, found a little trail and hung on the beach until theferry ride back... we even managed to sneak in the very last bits of car free day on commercial drive...

oh and I just went for a sweet trail run in my new runners from inov-8.... so good!

coming up: 12hours of Cumberland and Explore Sweden.....

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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Bryan Tasaka said...

I'm heading over on the Friday 7pm ferry for Cumberland if you need a ride!