May 26, 2009

In the Saddle and on the Rock... Penticton Adventures

Andrew and I headed out to Penticton Friday afternoon (following my morning run) to meet up with some friends in Penticton for a weekend of biking, climbing, eating, camping and more. We rolled into the hills of Penticton Friday evening and made our way over to the trails of Three Blind Mice and rode for a couple of hours before making our way to camp. The campsite was gorgeous situated right on lake Okanagan. We met up with Mark and Nikki for some needed beers and mexican food! After a day of driving and biking we were both zonked and enjoyed some much needed rest!

The next two days consisted of waking up with hot sun, good coffee, and some healthy morning faff. We rode our bikes from camp to the trails: big rides entailed. The trails in Penticton are very different than those in Vancouver. For one, they are much much dryer and a little smoother. The climbs were technical and I enjoyed seeing my improvement throughout the weekend. The descent also allowed me to practice really letting go of the brakes and learning to let speed be my friend. The views of lake Okanagan were beautiful as well as riding past the multiple wineries really reminded me of bike and wines throughout Mendoza Argentina. We rode from 4 to 5 hours or until we were hungry and the heat was too fierce.

Back at camp we had Lunch and lounged/slakclined until the sun eased a little and our energy got renewed enough to head to the crags. We managed to get in enough climbs inthe evening i the peace and welcoming shade. It was really great to get to the crags as people were leaving from a full day of climbing. On Sunday night we literally had the crag to ourselves. It was nice to get back on the rock. Climbing with the crew was geat as well as they are confident and knowledgeable climbers.

Back at camp we made loads of delicious food and enjoyed time by the campfire.

All in all a wonderful weekend out by the lake in the hot sun!

Live, Love, Laugh,...DREAM!

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