Jun 26, 2009

Explore Sweden July 2-July 9 2009

I will be joining Mark , Sara and Sarah, Jen and Jenna (support crew) for what looks to be one crazy adventure race in Sweden. We will be racing as team Yogaslackers under USA/CAN. It will be my first experience racing with more than one girl on a team (here we have five of us...woot woot). I am looking forward to the challenges, the excitement, the strengths, the weaknesses etc etc etc. There are generally few women in the sport and it is so exciting to be racing on a team with so many amazing ladies on it. Check us out and follow us on the Explore Sweden Website. There is a lot of packing to be done: this race has it all from mountaineering, inline skating to hydrospeeding.... I leave tomorrow and will be in Sweden Monday!

A little bit about Yogaslackers. I was blessed to meet Jason and Daniel from Team Yogaslackers just over a year ago in Baja Mexico during Baja Travesia, a wonderful race put on by Karen and Paul from Team Sole. We met, we bonded and we rocked the course. Last summer we had the oppportunity to race together quite a few times(and podium on all of them) considering they all live all over the states. I had felt like I met a team in which we could really make a difference in the adventure racing world as well as life in general. I had met them at a confusing and difficult time in my life. They introduced me to Acroyoga, slacklining and general beautiful life values and ways of life. I spent a week in Nevada and Red Rocks with them, a trip for me that I will never forget (a tyoe of trip they do on a regular basis). I cherish the Yogaslacker gang and hope that one day I will meet other slackers around the globe. I enjoy introducing others the things I have learned from the yogaslackers and love bringing along my slackline along and flying folks whenever the opportunity arises. I believe in the Yogaslackers and infact am so proud to be a yogaslacker myself. Thank you gents and ladies! Forever yours,

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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