Jun 17, 2009

i can't lift my arms above my head!

After two back to back crossfit workouts and two big run/kayak days I found myself lying in bed this morning unable to move (for real). I was up early swallowing robaxin and taking a hot bath to try and ease my sore muscles... I feel like I have been run over a truck and aged to an old woman but fit at the same time.. Not so sure how that works?!? I have to give a loud THANKS to Andrew for dressing me and literally movin me from position to position.... He is the man!

Due to a cloudy day and me being unable to move properly (although I did somehow manage a 1.5 hour trail run?!? Although it did feel like I had one massive full upper body bruise as each step of the run my everything jiggled and hurt and was kind of funny but laughing hurts the stomach muscles soo... not really funny.... ) Andrew and I went to see Les Miserable on Granville Street. A great story really, it had been many many years ago since I saw this fabulous musical. Although I seem like a fitness junky I do have a love for the arts.

So, getting things organized for Sweden, and guiding and acroyoga and crossfit and just being excited about life everyday!

12 hours of Cumberland this weekend!

go play in the sun!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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