Sep 29, 2008

Trying to squeeze a weekend of fun into one day!

1. 20km run race
2. picnic
3. Hike to Crown Mountain (7hr adventure)
4. Sushi
5. Movie

The North Shore Adventure

Sunday morning I participated in my first trail run race in awhile.. well... since knee knacker. I have definitely been on down time training while trying to figure out my mess with Worlds etc. I have lost a little bit of my inspiration and motivation and my mind has been so focused on this crazy big decision that I have neglected a lot of my usual fun training time. This race reminded me of my passion and why I do what I do.

Sunday proved to be a gorgeous day and the Iron Lung was such a fun race. I love small local races! The important thing is that I had tons of fun and remembered how much I truly love trail running and racing. I managed to pull off a decent time/placing as well (bonus).

Following my race I got to enjoy a picnic ( I love picnics) down in Deep Cove before heading up high into the local North Shore mountains. Andrew and I climbed up the BCMC (I was hurting a little here…kind of wondering if I was going to make it but just persevered and as per usual the higher we moved and the longer we moved the better I started to feel). After making it to the lodge and checking out the bears we kept walking past Dam Mountain, past Little Goat Mountain and onto Crown Mountain (our final destination). We honestly could not have asked for a better day! The view was gorgeous and I definitely could have spent all day up there. I love that feeling of looking down towards the city from up above in the mountains... like an angel! I was feeling surprisingly strong until about 10pm when exhaustion filled my body... ahhh the feeling of a day of fun filled adventure...its one of my favorite feelings at the end of the day.

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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