Sep 7, 2008

Whistler-Biking and the Lions-Hiking

WOW, another fab weekend on the West Coast! I am blown away by the beauty and terrain almost everyday! I love it here!

This weekend I had the pleasure of getting myself to Whistler for a variety of reasons. I went up on the fly with no plan at all (as per usual) and had the most fabulous time. I rode with two awesome lady riders, hung out with some old buddies, got to chill at my fav bike shop in whistler (Bike Co), met some fabulous new folk, went hot tub poaching, got invited to a huge spaghetti dinner, slept on a balcony, raced in the West Side Wheel Up ( a local race from Function to Rainbow Park), and finally enjoyed lost lake chillin'. I never tire of my favorite playground!

Sunday: The Lions

I've been meaning to get up the Lions for about 4 years now and it finally happened this weekend. My good friend Chloe invited me along. We cruised up (its always fun to find someone with similar fitness and keeness) enjoying good chats and snacks on the go. The sun was shining, and I was feeling great. It is so pleasantly amazing up there. We also had enough energy to run up Unnecessary Mountain as well. My Helly Hansen Lifa tank kept me comfortable and cool throughout my hike. I managed to sneak in two hours of riding as well (gotta love commuting by bike!)....

All in all a weekend full of adventure, surprises, beautiful weather, good food and fantastic company! I feel refreshed and ready for the week of work ahead of me!

I love my weekends!

Live, Love, Laugh,...DREAM!