Sep 11, 2008


My mom, a very insightful woman told me many important things as a child that I believed were lies or false at the time or simply her way of convincing me to make certain choices: let me tell you most of the time she was right. I had it easy then.

Many people have told me that life keeps getting better the older you get: noone ever told me it gets easier...

Choices: we make them almost every moment of our conscious self. Some are so minor we don't even realize we are making them and some are so grand that they affect the path our life may take in a very significant way. One of the most difficult aspect of "choices" is that as you grow older they become more and more your own choices, that only you can make (can be scary stuff). When we are children many people make many choices for us, mostly because we lack the experience and or knowledge to choose for ourselves.

Today, in my "adult life" I find myself in a situation where I have to make a certain significant choice: I just sure hope it is the right one...

Live, Love, Laugh,...DREAM!

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Anonymous said...

good luck with your big choice. If you ever come to second guess it in the future, remember that you made the best choice available to you at the time.