Oct 2, 2008

Living with NO REGRETS

…A mighty tough thing to do… but an especially important thing to attempt to accomplish. Living in true happiness is a complex and deep topic that I muddle over a lot in my brain. What is true happiness and how is it achieved? How do we know we have achieved this? Why is it difficult for most to find it? These are many questions I ask myself and the answers are potentially different for each person.

Back to the topic of living with NO REGRETS: I believe it is an important aspect of achieving true happiness. Why is it sometimes difficult to live by this motto? We are sometimes thrown for a loop and are forced to make very difficult decisions where there is no wrong choice but both choices are equally agreeable and fabulous…what does this mean? You can’t have it all and one of these things will not be a part of your life… You must acquire the ability to choose and let go and live in the present with no regrets of the path you have chosen for yourself. It is your choice, your path, and therefore it is the right one….

I recently had to make what was for me one of the toughest choices I’ve had to make in a very long time. It essentially determined part of my life path that would take place in the very near future and obviously affect my life forever. It was a choice that was beyond difficult and has caused me many sleepless nights and many interesting bodily stresses. I have chosen to decline my opportunity to head to the World Adventure Racing Championships with team Yogaslackers and continue working. It was a choice that was not my instinct (my passion is adventure racing, my teammates are like my family and Worlds is the biggest race there is for this sport)…my instinct was to quit my job and go race and figure out life from there. It was what most people expected of me, it truly was what I expected of myself….
I decided to go with my inner gut feeling… to stick it out with my job (a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for an event that I am also very passionate about). I found this choice to be so difficult. These are two things both which are amazing opportunities and I found myself angry at life for forcing me to choose only one of these. I am still having difficulties with all of this (as of course it is not that simple…) but am trying to achieve peace with the choice I have made.

By living with NO REGRETS you are able to put your heart and soul into your present life and enjoy every moment as you should. You only have one life to live so might as well take advantage of every second, minute, hour, day….

As I am working hard to live without regretting the choice I have just made, I challenge everyone to do the same. I am positive that in the end it will provide you (me) with peace and happiness and a fruitful life full of excitement and fortunately or unfortunately many more choices to make.

Live, Love, Laugh,…DREAM!

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Chris said...

Hey Lina,

Enjoying your openness and honesty. At some point all of us "racers" make that call you just made. It feels like defeat because we've given in to the pressure of normalcy, but you know you will race again. It will always be a balancing act. Chin up:-).