Sep 14, 2008

Lake Lovely Water

This weekend I had the pleasure of sharing adventures with two amazing ladies: Meg and Kala. We weren't sure of our plans until about 9pm Friday night but neither of us seemed worried as we were all excited for some sort of adventure together.

Saturday morning we headed down the Squamish Valley Road to check out the possibilities of crossing the Squamish River to get to our destination: Lake Lovely Water. I had wanted to check out this hike for a number of years but general life adventures just haven't lead me to it until now. We managed to park Kala's car in front of some enormous puddles, grabbed our gear and began our trek to the cable crossing.

Upon arriving at our destination #1 (cable crossing) another group in front of us were already on their way across... This is the point where we met 'Marty' and all of a sudden found ourselves in a canoe paddling down the Squamish River...A pleasant surprise.

3 hrs later after what turned out to be a beautiful hike we were sitting on a little crooked wooden dock staring at Lake Lovely Water and its surrounding beautiness... We explored the sandspit, relaxed, cooked a wonderful meal and chatted into the night.

I really truly love the mountains. I'm not exactly sure what it is about it: the feeling of freedom? the grandness? the beauty?... whatever it is they definitely put a smile on my face, aid in my relaxation and allow me to clear my head. I seem to lose track of time and the rest of the world...

Sunday morning proved to be just as gorgeous as the evening. Unfortunately our trip had to run short due to some life circumstances: we were forced to abandon our plans for the day and head down. Not to worry....

Going down, made me realize just how steep this climb really is...whoa...

After an enjoyable ride home and a stop for gelato in Squamish I managed to squeeze in a fine paddle out in Deep Cove. A fab weekend for the memory bank!

Live, Love, Laugh,...DREAM!

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ChloƩ said...

Send me more info on this Lake Lovely Water... how to get there, where to camp, where to hike... do we need to paddle in, or is it all-good for trail running?