May 27, 2008

My weekend with the Minerva Foundation

Minerva Foundation

I was lucky enough to participate in a women’s Learning to Lead Workshop for the weekend held at UBC at the St John’s College Campus. The workshop was Friday to Sunday: close to 100 women (grade 11s, emerging leaders and community leaders) got together and learned from each other about self-awareness, leadership, communication, teamwork. We laughed, learned, taught, and kindled new friendships. It was a fabulous weekend organized brilliantly by the Minerva Foundation volunteers. I had a chance to look deeper into who I really am: my likes and dislikes, and my strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to take the time for self-care, to set goals, take risks, keep good company, be a learner and a teacher and have fun! These are just a few of the key notes I have learned over the weekend. Life is a wonderful place, and the world is your oyster. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! So……like I say it everyday..I’ll say it again…


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