May 22, 2008

Long Weekend Adventures on the Island

Surf’s Up!

The long weekend in Ukee/Tofino…

A huge group of us booked cabins, brought food/drinks, games, surfboards, warm clothes and made our way over to Ucluelet. “Ukee” is a quaint small town about 40km from the big surf town known as Tofino. Thank you Pacific Boarder for the use of their surfboard, Christa for picking it up, Danny and Bryce for driving me, Michelle, Katy for getting me to some awesome beaches, Nicole for booking the cabins and for everyone else for showing up with smiles and party hats on.

We arrived on Friday evening; I managed to squeeze in a run before dinner and a little socializing.

Saturday consisted of surfing, eating, running, slacklining, acro yoga, more surfing and partying like I haven’t in a long long time. I’ve decided that partying until the wee hours of the morning is tougher on ones body than a 3 day non stop race in the desert… I was zonked on Sunday. I attribute my feeling of complete exhaustion from partying and being ultra active on Saturday, but mostly from not taking a rest day since my last 24 hour race. I think it all just caught up with me….Despite feeling tired I managed to surf for several hours and set up a sweet slackline on the beach. I also showed off with some acro yopga moves again. Sunday night we celebrated Hilary’s birthday, made an awesome dinner, and ended it off with a bonfire by the beach…All in all a fab day

Monday we awoke to pouring rain. No one was really organized, we had to head out to the ferries before everyone else, so we missed out on a surf session but that’s okay, it was nice to chill, eat a big breakfast and just take a lazy day for once.

The weekend was great! We had surf, sun, bonfires, wine, good friends, slacklining, running, cute cabins and a killer backdrop of ocean, mountains, beaches etc …Life is pretty darn good.

Live, Love, Laugh,…DREAM!

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