May 7, 2008

What May has to offer!

May 10/11 Desert Winds 26 Hour Adventure Race (Lake Mead)
-I’m looking for to racing with team Dart-Nuun at this race. Their female, Karen got injured and so they found me. I am very excited (a little nervous) to race with this fabulous team. Both Dart Nuun teams will be racing in this race. (Both teams beat us –Yogaslackers- in Baja a month ago). I have met all these guys about a year ago and just think they are amazing athletes and people. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to race along side them this weekend.

May 16-19 Tofino Long Weekend
-It’s been quite sometime since I last stepped onto a surfboard. I like to try all sorts of new and fun activities and surfing is one I am not ready to let to rest just yet. I get to spend the entire weekend on a beautiful part of Vancouver island, playing in the water and getting my body mangled by waves…sound like fun huh? The best part is I get to spend it with some awesome friends that I don’t get to hang out with very often. I am hoping to squeeze in some long runs, in between surfing, and chilling…

May 23-25 Learning to lead Program Minerva Foundation
-I got accepted into this leadership program designed for women. I'm looking froward to learning new skills and more about my self and my abilities. Should be a weekend of empowerment and fun!

May 30-June 3 Vegas Sprint AR race and Climbing at Red Rocks
-I finally get to hook up with the yogaslackers to test our skills at another adventure race. Although a much shorter race than Baja, it will be a tough all out sprint from the start to the end. Post race I get to enjoy a couple of days rock climbing at Red Rocks with Jason and whoever else decides to join in on the fun. I am jittery with excitement, to race with the team again, rock climb outdoors, practice some acro yoga, slackline yoga and just hang out in the desert with some people that I think are too fabulous.

Whoa…Life is good huh?

Live, Love, Laugh,…DREAM!

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