Jun 18, 2015

euro Tour Stop 3: Bilbao Spain: Finding the magic powers

Saying good bye to Lake Brombaschee for at least another year, we headed towards Franfurt, where we stopped in for a clinic with SURF + SUP Center St. Leoner See in Sankt Leon-Rot, Germany. We had took people of all levels out on the various SIC boards and enjoyed some time for Q & A.
That night we got the fine pleasure to stay with Sonni's Grandma at her wonderful house near Frankfurt. I got to experience traditional German smelly cheese while others also experienced the local cider.

The following day was a LONG day of travel where unbelievably we made it to Bordeaux France thanks to Belar's driving skills and prowess. It was a quick stop as truly we were heading to Hondarribia Spain, in the Basque country of Spain. Here we spent some time with Hondarribia SUP Skola, where we enjoyed chocos, a bike ride through town, a run on a sweet trail, some surfing out of Biarrtix, France, and just a whole lot of amazingness. I WANT to come back for sure... there is so much to explore in these waters and hills.

Unfortunately, our time was short as we had to head to Bilbao for the upcoming races. Bilbao, is a cool funky city nestled in the mountains and among the river. It is not far from the ocean either but we stayed in town this time around. The city is known for the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao and other architectural works as well as pinchos (Tapas) and other amazing foods. Lets just say for a couple of days there I ate more food than I burnt off... I have my work cut out for me now,...

Day 1 of Bilbao World Sup Challenge: the sprints
This was a sprint out to a buoy, turn, and return to finish, kind of sprint race. There was one hitch, you could choose which buoy to turn around. This added a different component to it all... After a long day of waiting around it was the ladies turn. I was in heat 1 and went for the left buoy. I had a clean race and finished the heat in first. The second heat was the finals. Two of us went for the left buoy and two of went for the right. I had a good start and managed to get to the buoy first, had a decent turn and never looked back and finished in 1st place for he sprints. In these sprints it is very important to get a good start, with such a short distance its tough to make up time and placing from a mistake.

Day 2 of Bilbao World Sup Challenge: the distance race
The distance race along the river, was 14km and saw some loops passing by the finish and start lines a few times. My body was feeling pretty good and the weather was cool and cloudy so I decided to give the race a try. I wasn't nervous at all which is a strange feeling for me before a big race as I was concentrating more on my body than the race. Again, I had a good start, managed to hit the first uoy in first and somehow to the next buoy lost the train behind me? I was feeling good so I kept on paddling, and infact felt pretty good for the entire race and managed to create a gap from the other girls. Its funny, as I didn't use my normal race pre nutrition tactics or anything, and mostly just drank loads of water.

I am very happy to have won this event and to leave this world of racing on a high. I am taking a break from the racing world while I take care of my body throughout pregnancy and childbirth. I hope to come back after giving birth but of course, its hard to predict these things so far in advance.

I am so happy with how my body held up this last weekend. I really listened to how I felt and I felt good especially throughout the distance race. I am glad I could take a break from racing and leave on a high note, with fond memories of good people, hard racing, and fun traveling. Thank you to everyone who makes this possible for me.

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

Sankt Leon-Rot, Germany Sankt Leon-Rot, Germany

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