Jun 3, 2015

Euro Tour: Stop 1 St. Maxime, France and my obsession with croissants

After a week at home (sort of at home, in the Pacific NorthWest), I made it to Barcelona where I met Belar, Sonni, and Helgo from team SIC. From here after spending some time with the Spanish SIC Distributor Belar, Sonni, and I made our way to St Maxime, France. Belar ,the driving machine, got us there safe and sound sometime in the night/morning. We had a killer house with a pool in the hills by the water.. The house was full of amazing people from around the world (Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Mexico, Canada, Czech, etc etc etc)

St Maxime is a cute hilly coastal town right on the water. There are tons of great pastry shops, cafes, and little shops and has a a beautiful coastline. The race was stop 2 on the newly formed Euro Tour. This was a two day race with a tech race on day 1 and a distance race on day 2.

I was here to do some SIC stuff and see what I can do while racing. I did not want to push myself too hard but also felt okay so didnt want to not race... I am trying different strategies to see what makes me feel good physically and psychologically with my new changes in my body.

Day 1 the tech race was in the afternoon, a little windy but mostly just small chop/flatwater mix. It was about a 7km course with buoy turns. Men and Women started together. The chop off the start was crazy for us ladies.... but I managed to stay on top of my board.. phew. I pushed to get out in front and create some space and then found a speed that worked for me. Sonni came past and I just held my own in second. I was as okay I as I could be with this.... and finished feeling good physically.

Day 2 was the distance race. I won't lie I was nervous about this race (normally I look forward to distance racing...) I wasnt nervous about how I would do but if my body could handle the distance. It was a long race being 17km in all sorts of conditions. So I went out hard to try and get in the front and push hard while I felt good as I figured if anything would happen it would be that I would seriously slow down or start feeling sick as the race went on. I figured if I could at least make some ground at the beginning I could afford feeling bad later on. Sonni also had a good start so we were together for a bit, she was strong and I knew for us to stay together I would have to push my hardest so I decided best to just hold it together and try and stay in front of third, instead of trying to push for the win.  I would have to dig maybe too deep to do that and I was nervous. This is some interesting strategy that I have never had to deal with before.. hahah.. but all good, I am seriously trying to figure out what my body can handle and still be healthy and safe... all in trial and error I suppose. I managed to hold onto second. Sonni won the event, I was second, and Celine from france was 3rd. With more and more strong females showing up to these races, my choices will be more difficult and I will have to really listen to my body in the race and remember what is truly important to me right now:)I know what it is... but I am a racer so it can become intense mentally:)

After St Maxime we spent a day relaxing there, we went to see St. Tropez, run, swim, and just enjoyed the day to chill.  I also ate my last dose of amazing croissants.... I tried them all from choc, almond, and plain... hahaha...

Yesterday, we drove to Geneva. Where, after the day in the car we enjoyed a paddle on Lake Geneva, spent a short time with the SUPer kids program, and personally, I could not stop staring at Mont Blanc... spectacular:)

Now, we are on our way to Germany to get ready for the Lost Mills race in Bavaria.

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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