Jun 1, 2015

May News.... but now its June...

Typically I am much better at keeping up to date with my blog BUT life has delivered some pretty amazing adventures and I have struggled to sit and write in between it all.

We are moving!!!! Not too major but we sold our apartment in Vancouver BC and bought a house in Vernon BC. The whole process was done uniquely... I saw the house, liked it, told Andrew and while I was out camping with students Andrew bought it without seeing it... Eventually, he saw it during the inspection and luckily my instincts were correct and he was into it all.. YAY! Our very first house:) We are stoked for new adventures in a new place. AND....We will have places for people to stay(finally), visit, and play in the outdoors:)

our apartment we sold

New house we bought

Andrew has been a superstar packing, organizing, and making it all happen while I have been out working with Collingwood and the Explore Program camping and teaching and then traveling for SUP races and SUP clinics around the world....

Now, since my work with Collingwood is finished I have been immersed in the SUP world with racing and teaching clinics. Its been great. I love the different SUP communities I get to meet and the people I get to help share the SUP stoke with.
Urban Surf Werner Clinic

Coli and I in Seattle

Urban Surf Seattle Lake Union

Portland Crew

hood river downwind with art Aquino(took photo)

Gorge Performance Portland crew Werner Clinic

I have also raced at the Carolina CUP, North Carolina (3rd); ISA Worlds in Sayulita Mexico (2nd and 4th); and now Europe St Maxime France (2nd); and am continuing on the Euro headed for Lost Mills and Bilbao! .....

I have some other news.. but that will have to wait for just a wee bit longer...

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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