Jul 13, 2015

Playing Catch UP. The last month in a nutshell

After my stint in Europe I headed to Idaho where my tour away from home finished with Payette River Games. I really wanted to attend this event after last years big success. Thanks to the Pickards, I was well treated and taken care of throughout the week. It was definitely great to be in Cascade Idaho and learning some river skills. Cascade is wild and beautiful, a small town nestled in the wilderness with mountains, lakes, and rivers. One of the main attractions at the moment is fishing but watersports like kayaking and SUP are increasing within the tourism scene. I enjoyed my time there but race wise just wasn't feeling it. I couldn't find the fire inside of me, that real wanting to win attitude that you need in these top races. I practiced but not with fight and fire, but with a carefree 'oh this is fun' kind of attitude... and thats the way it was for the entire event.. not sure why? But for some reason I was okay with it all.
Payette River Games 

WE MOVED!!! I came home and within two days packed the remainder of our house in Vancouver and drove with Andrew to our new home in Coldstream BC. The whole experience was a little surreal feeling having just come home from 3.5 weeks in Europe, still pretty freshly pregnant, and now leaving a home we lived in for 6 years... I was struggling to figure out what was real and what wasnt, and what was forever going to change and what wasn't... truth is, it was ALL REAL and it was ALL going to CHANGE FOREVER... hahaha... Somehow I managed to sneak in teaching a private SUP lesson in the beautiful West Vancouver as well as, a well needed doc appointment along with the necessary blood work and some get together with friends...
old condo in Vancouver

Then, all of this happened and you can read about it on Andrew's blog... he did a great write up that takes you from arrival to Vernon/Coldstream to our exciting mtn bike hut to hut to hut trip around Mt Hood and back to Coldstream


In the News:
Despite all of this craziness I managed to make it into some mainstream and SUP news along the way....

Thanks again for naming me 2014 Woman Paddler of the Year

Wrote a great article about my life

Vancouver Magazine
did a little highlight on me as an elite athlete in their Magazine

 I got nominated for the 2015 SUPConnect female paddler of the year
You can vote here:

Life is grand.
I have since been busy moving in... All of our stuff has made it to our new home:) Unpacking takes awhile....
My commute from home to work:) not too shabby

I have also been busy working with kids. I have run a kids camp and am running a Junior SUP club with Kalavida Surf Shop.... The community support has been really great and some days I get to teach as many as 30 different kids... whoa... our future for sure:)
Kalavida Kids Camp
Things are good so far.. knock on wood.. I get tired a little faster, and the heat is beating me up a little more than usual but luckily for me otherwise I feel great. I have been swimming in the lake almost everyday. I have been SUPing more than I have ever SUPed before (mostly because I now also commute by SUP) and am still mtn biking (albeit slower and more cautious) and trail running... so not much has changed but I can feel that ever so slowly I am just not as fast or energetic as before... hahaha.

We are beyond stoked for what the present and future have in store for us:)

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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