Sep 8, 2015

Learning New Skills when I am Pregnant and not Racing: Coach, Race Organizer, race MC

So, its been an interesting and different summer for me. Besides moving towns, buying a house, getting pregnant...  I also had to switch off racer Lina and find some other new goals for the summer.

Thankfully I was able to partner with Kalavida Surf Shop on a couple of new projects. Without Kalavida Surf Shop many of the amazing projects from the summer would NOT have been possible...Also thanks to my amazing sponsors for donating prizing, and for the continued support through these changing times, you are all just too amazing and I am so proud to be a part of each of your teams. Below are just a few things I managed to do in the last 2 months since I took a break from SUP racing at the end of June....

1) I along with the support of Kalavida Surf Shop started a junior SUP program in my new home town of Vernon BC. I had 35 kids this year from ages 8-13 and had to turn people away at one point because I couldnt handle the amounts.. hahaha. I also created and taught  3  weeklong summer camps for kids 8-13. I probably taught SUP to over 100 kids this summer. 

2) I helped Al Patterson announce at Hood River and I got great reviews and loved it and had fun (even though it as tough not to race and watch the ladies race without me:))

3) This past weekend we had the biggest SUP race in Canada over 200 people from beginners to some of the fastest in the country show up. This year I was co organizer, co race director and co announcer for the event.... The event is the Kalamalka Classic SUP Festival in Vernon, BC put on by Kalavida Surf Shop.... I got to see and be a part of how events happen... its a ton of work but very cool to see it go off with a bang... very rewarding in a totally different way than racing is. 

4) I am heading to Round The Rock Race in Seattle on Friday to announce and run the Werner Athlete Booth. 

5) In October I am teaching clinics at our first ever SUP Symposium in Tofino BC (Oct 4-5). Then later on in October (23-25) I am heading back to Tofino to judge and help volunteer for the Canadian SUP surf competition.....

THANK YOU to all who helped make this summer one of those unforgettable kinds of summers:0 

I am looking forward to what the future has in store... as a SUP mom...

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!


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