Oct 20, 2015

October fun at 6.5-7 months pregnant

28 weeks pregnant hiking in Banff
Hiking and SUP seem to be what mostly consists of my outdoor adventures and fun in October.
As my tummy has grown and my pregnancy now in its third trimester I have opted to sit out from any kind of serious mountain biking. I am still bike commuting, and enjoying the general act of biking but I feel its best to avoid any potential falls on sharp objects. I feel lucky to have mtn biked as much as I have (up to 6.5 months pregnant) but its time to take a break until the baby comes out..

SUP has been wonderful, the low impact of the sport especially on lakes, is making it possible to paddle right through pregnancy. Albeit, I am no longer paddling hard interval workouts, I am still able to get out there on my board and paddle... awesome exercise, fun, and feels sooooo good.
calm SUP on Kal Lake in the fall

Gym I have been lifting some weights and going to the gym once a week which has been great and although my intensity is much lower and my weights are lighter my body can do it and it feels sooo good to move in a variety of ways. The weather has been killer (good) here, so I have not gone into the pool yet but as fall gets cooler and winter closer I forsee spending time in the pool swimming laps. I imagine that will feel great! Also I have been heading to yoga once a week and that has also been good to the body.. Now, that my tummy is bigger I avoid certain exercises but can still participate in most of the same class as everyone else:)

Hiking has been some of my more adventurous outdoor choices in this period for its comfort and ease. I can still run and do sometimes, but more often than not it just doesn't feel all that great and therefore not that fun BUT hiking or hike/running has been killer... I walk the ups and run/walk the downs or flats depending on how I feel at the time. I have hiked all over the place but more recently around Winthrop area, we head there annually for Canadian Thanksgiving (typically for mtn biking but this year I opted to hike) and then again around Banff area for my birthday weekend. I usually either run or bike so its been different hiking so much. I suppose I should be getting used to "different" as that is what life is and will be forever now... I do love different, its hard at the beginning, but change is so fun and healthy and keeps me on my toes....
Thanksgiving crew


Banff/Lake Louise Birthday weekend

Cutthroat Pass, WA Thanksgiving

The sun is shining and although I planned  a swim I can't not be outside... so I think its a SUP, bike, hike kind of day..... woohoo!

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!


Tung Nguyen said...

Life is a dream^^

thiet ke nha
biet thu dep

Anonymous said...

Nitasha here from gymnastics (and we ran into each other on Main St.). This is so exciting! Way to go for all the SUP achievements and congratulations on your latest one.
I continued sports and work throughout both pregnancies and it made labour and delivery so amazing.
Congrats to both of you :)