Sep 28, 2015

Pregnant 5.5-just over 6 months: all the fun things you can still do:)

At this particular moment I am dreaming of last year at this time when I was training hard for world series and BOP races in southern with Ian Cairns, the Paddle Academy, and other paddling friends ... pushing my body and mind to its limits.. wanting titles and everything that comes with it... I miss it... more than you can imagine....

I am trying to relish in this new adventure of pre motherhood.. I am still beyond excited to become a mother but this in between phase (the pregnant one) is at times a struggle.. I know people encourage me to put up my feet, relax, get massages, go to the spa and enjoy the joys of being pregnant... I find it tough at times though, I am a go getter, explorer, always looking for  the next thing to push myself through.. So, instead of worrying too much about being pregnant I am trying to find new things to learn, and different ways to push my mind and body whilst still enjoying the outdoors, and an adventurous life.
6 months and 1 week pregnant hiking Glacier National Park, BC

I do feel very lucky with my pregnancy to date, I have not encountered any true sickness and I have yet to be really huge (although I know its coming...probably quicker than I want:))

Some things I have gotten to experience:
I got to head to Round the Rock SUP race in Seattle to help run the Werner Athlete Recharge Booth as well as CO MC with Matt from Urban Surf.. Although strange not to be racing it has been really fun to be on the other end of the race scene for the last couple of races n the thank you all for that great opportunity.
Aquino girls and I (love this family)

SUP Gladiator team at RTR

Matt and I on the mic for RTR race 2015

We hosted a Vernon homestead weekend where friends taught other friends how to can and make other yummy things. We canned tomatoes and salsa. I also learned to make sourdough bread, applesauce, and dehydrated pears and apples... yum yum... having this extra time is allowing me to learn more about kitchen tricks in preparation for the little one. It will also help ensure that our little growing family eats healthy, and locally and has some fun doing it:)

pic by Andrew Dye yum yum canning tomatoes

Exciting news on the work front. As summer has come to an end and fall has creeped up on us, teaching SUP in Vernon BC has also come to an end... School, and cooler weather has forced many folks to put their summer gear away and start dusting off their winter gear in preparation for winter fun. I however landed a substitute teaching gig at the local school district. I am stoked for this opportunity to further develop my ability to reach and teach children and be part of the community in a different way.

I have been SUPing quite a lot myself.. its such a nice sport to do while pregnant, low impact and you can choose your intensity level depending on how you feel. I have also amped up my hiking and trail exploration by foot. I tend to run and mtn bike more than hike but as I get bigger and closer to my due date running has become more uncomfortable and mtn biking a little more dangerous with the possibility of falling...
Lianne and I exploring local gems like hiking the Enderby Cliffs and SUPing on Mabel Lake

This past weekend it was Andrew's birthday and we decided to explore a new area for us... Since we moved to Vernon BC we now have a whole different wilderness to explore that isn't too far away. This time we decided to hike and camp at Glacier National Park just outside of Revelstoke BC. It was a blast to head to the mountains, enjoy campfires and the fall colours, along with fresh dusting of snow on the trails, Glaciers, etc... I love adventuring in the outdoors.... Can't wait to show the little one how to enjoy life in the outdoors:)
Check out pics below

live, love, laugh,.. DREAM!

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