Dec 30, 2015

39 weeks: Anytime now....

My last month of pregnancy has been spent in a winter wonderland of sorts.
I have been nordic skiing, snowshoeing, a little bit of stand up paddleboarding, swimming, yoga, and a little bit of crossfit/home exercises, and a whole lot of walking.... I also finished up teaching, spent a week in Vancouver, enjoyed going to shows and movies, and shovelled lots of snow. Andrew and I also took the opportunity to work on some home projects.

I have been getting bigger and slower as the weeks have gone by but have been determined to keep moving my body as best I could.

Our baby, gender unknown, is a stubborn little thing, it is currently breeched and clearly does not want to turn head down. arg... We have tried numerous natural methods of getting the baby to turn as well as ECV but it just doesn't want to turn. Foreshadowing of what kind of child we will have?!?!?!?

My nest post will be all about the new being.... can't wait to meet him/her very very very soon!

trying different methods to get baby to turn

christmas eve 38 weeks

Christmas Eve walk in Kal Park 38 weeks

Yay Christmas is here!

SUP on snow

36 or so weeks winter SUP

pumping up the SIC inflatable about 36 weeks preggos heading for winter paddle

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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Linda Warren said...

Did you try ice pack on the top of your belly and a heat pack on the lower belly? The little tyke may just squirm around once labour starts! Good luck...our gal turned eventually! Linda and Shane Martin and Alexandra