Nov 29, 2015

34 Weeks Pregnant: Snowy fun!

Officially, I have 6 weeks left until life changes forever:)

These last two weeks I have definitely started to feel the weight of pregnancy. Sleeping is less comfortable, my feet and hands go numb numerous times throughout the day, my pelvis and pubis get sore, and most of my tops no longer fit me:(..... these are the small annoyances but in the whole scheme of things I can't complain as I think I have it pretty lucky... I haven't been sick, I am not bedridden, and in general still moving quite well just at a far slower intensity than I am accustomed to.

I really do love feeling the baby kick and move, its so bizarre but in a curious kind of way.... Also, I kind of like that I have an excuse to be tired and a little lazier than normal;)

I have been teaching most days of the week (I am an on call teacher for he school district), always at different schools with different students, its been both fun and challenging but also tiresome with my new load....
Luckily, I am addicted to moving my body so I still am getting out to walk/hike on my local trails behind my house. Winter is here in the Okanagan so I have been cross country skiing a few times now, as well as some snowshoeing... I have also been hitting the pool for laps and that has been feeling great. The cold has deterred me a little from my SUP for the past few weeks, also the lack of a drysuit that fits me. The temps are looking to get warmer and now that I have a drysuit suit that fits my tummy (Thanks Nikki Rekman), I will likely get out on the board a few more times before baby comes...

We have also been doing some house fixing up, buying of new vehicles (we got a truck! F150 eco boost), and general getting ready for the baby to come. In the spirit of the holidays, we also put up some christmas lights... it will be our first Christmas/holidays in our new home (and we will be hanging out at home for much of it as baby can come anytime throughout).

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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