Jul 28, 2009

Paddling.... the cove.

It was so nice to be on the water on Sunday (so hot outside) and following a day out in the mountains, the ocean is a refreshing change. Friends Johnny and Ben invited Andrew and I out for a Sunday mid morning paddle in Deep Cove/Indian Arm. Johnny and Ben were out killin it in their single surf skis and Ben kindly lent Andrew and I the double Mark 2 surfski. It was about our third time in that boat and the last episode did not fair well...

The waters were relatively calm with the odd boat wash and weird current/wave thing going on. We headed out from Strathcona and turned North past Jug Island, Racoon Island and Twin Island toward the old mill buildings. We crossed the channel, toward the 'ol lighthouse and made our way back. W paddled about 20km and it was awesome. Andrew and I managed to stay in the boat this time (although at times I sure wish we would fall in...the heat was a bugger...but I loved it anyway). The parts I remember are when we were on it with the paddling, we were in sync, the boat wasn't shaky and we were moving at a decent pace... what a ride!

Following the paddle we hit up the Lynnwood (a still standing ol truck stop and they have some killer breakys going....) for food and some more boat chat.... pretty fabulous Sunday in Vancouver....

That night Andrew and I spent hours on the computer looking at flights... We are going to Ontario... The cottage, Augaitis reunion/chaos and good ol lithuanian baseball tournament all awaits us in August.

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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