Jul 30, 2009

Crossfit Vancouver! Lovin it! and much more!

So my week of rest consisted of lots of water sports and some upper body crossfit workouts. Monday morning I was feeling down as my quad was really sore, I could barely walk and all I wanted to do was go outside and play in the sun. My lovely man helped me brainstorm ways to get my energy out, my training in and still keep my leg rested. What did I do

Lots of swimming at New Brighton Outdoor Pool. Some Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Deep Cove, lots of sea kayaking and some upper body work at Crossfit. Needless to say I filled my energy needs and managed to score being in the water most of the time on one of the hottest weeks in Vancouver. Sometimes we just get lucky!

Crossfit has also been good fun... the arms are getting buff and I love the crossfit Vancouver community. If you havent yet checked out this modern new sport do so here.

Lululemon news: keep an eye out for some slackline/acrobatic/thai massage fun in ambleside park. To learn more check out Lululemon Park Royal (info to come in the near future).

Also, I would to send out a link for all those cyclists out there about my friend's Cyclebetes Cyling event. If you are free and would like to participate do it! Good times and a good cause awaits. Cyclebetes link.

I'm off for a kayak tonight in the beautiful Deep Cove Area...

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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