Jul 27, 2009

Howe Sound Crest Trail

So I have wanted to run/hike this trail for quite sometime now. It is one of those classic local trails that due to its logistics with cars gets put on the burner for awhile. The opportunity arose and I jumped on it....although I probably should have held my breath for a couple of more weeks.... a typical outcome for a typical go go go athlete....

Howe Sound Crest Tail is an awesome 37km local trail that spans from Cypress Ski Bowl to just South of Porteau Cove. You climb peaks, walk ridges and enjoy beautiful views. Andrew and I had a weekend in town and our good friend Dave had a morning free to help us shuttle our car to Porteau Cove.

We were off off and away at about 1030am... I was so stoked to be on the trail on such a beautiful summer day with Andrew... I tried to ignore the pain in my leg... The first part of the trail is runner friendly so we ran the flats and downs and some ups... At one point I was leading (despite being an adventure racer... i have terrible navigation skills... especially on marked trails) and of course got us off trail.. We made a classic human error once we figured we were off the main track... we kept on going (bad. at this point the smart thing to do is stop and turn around), we bush wacked, we climbed and slid down steep slope and got engulfed in BC bush.... eventually after about 45 minutes of silliness we decided that what we should have done 44 minutes ago was turn around and back track... long story short we eventually found the trail again as well as some new scratches and bruises on our legs... although good times not so good for my already sore quad.

We kept marching on.. The terrain got steeper and rockier and more technical as we came closer to the lions. Although I did not want to admit it at the time my leg became more and more sore... But I wanted to bag this trail for so long... I was not giving up then (typical thought pattern)... But our pace diminished significantly as any big step down hurt. The steeper the downhill terrain the slower I became. I had to bring out the poles to help ease the pressure on my leg. Still,... I wanted to push on (typical).

We past the amazing lions and David's Peak was our next big climb ahead. We didn't realize that we were to actually cimb up and over and down this technical peak... but yup we did... the climb was hot but fun...the descent... slow and painful... hmmm..

The afternoon was passing us by and we still had quite a long haul to Deek's Creek/Porteau Cove (our car). As we climbed up and over Dave's Peak rumblings were beginning to form in the sky up above... clouds were moving in and we were still far enough from the finish to realize that maybe we needed to re assess our plan (yes, it took me this long and alot more pain to think properly about what we were doing and that I was hurting etc). Luckily, as things could have turned a little more "difficult/interesting/exciting?!?" (wet, wet and wet) we found a random sign that said exit via lions bay...

Although I did not want to admit to myself that we weren't going to make it to the end anytime soon and in complete safety, I finally realized that the right choice to make was to take the exit...arg. I will have to wait yet again for another time to finish this briliant trail (luckily it will be around for awhile). We still had a long long trail down the valley through bush and more bush until we reached the well cut trail that most folk use to get to the lions.

We arrived to lions bay as the rain came pouring down. Some very nice folk driving to Squamish picked us up on the highway and dropped us at our cars... We are ever so greatfull for the kind gesture. We sucked down some NUUN and ate the rest of our rhubarb crumble and chocolate and enjoyed the yellow sunset, huge rainbow and lightning storm. What a day.... what an evening. Vancouver rarely gets thunderstorms... this was special.

for me... I am now forced to rest my leg..... it is sore. I payed my price... I say it was worth it though.... What an amazing trail out our back door. I love Vancouver!

Live, Love, Laugh,..DREAM!

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