Jul 23, 2009

Acroyoga Immersion Goteborg, Sweden

As luck would have it, 2 days after my race in Sweden there was an acroyoga immersion scheduled in Sweden. How could I not participate? I was introduced to Acroyoga about 1.5 years ago from Jason Magness co-founder of Yogaslackers. I instintly fell in love with this form of yoga/acrobatics and would crave more and more of it. Last summer anytime I would race with the slackers we would play and practice acroyoga. I wanted to learn more but it was so hard with Jason so far away and no one in vancouver to teach me. So I felt it a blessing that this immersion happen to work out for me.

I took the train from Sundsvall to Goteborg with ALL of my possessions and found myself at the workshop the next day. I was still tired and recovering and sore but excited to be there. The five days were acrobatics in the morning and thai massage/therapeutics in the afternoon. I met lots of yogis from Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Norway etc. They all had something new and different to add and were all very welcoming and kind. The feeling of meta (love and kindness) was all around. Also, in Goteborg I met up with one of Rasa's good friends from high school. Her and her husband and little Adam lived not too far away and kindly set me up with a cute little suite and some dinners and lunches. It was great to connect with Karen and Jonas. So, there I was developing a little routine in Goteborg and becoming more and more interesting in acrobatics and yoga.

What did I learn? Well, a lot but mostly that I need to learn to slow down sometimes. I always want to know what is next, how to get better, learn more and more and more and sometimes I think I just need to STOP and BREATH and as the saying goes "stop and smell the flowers" (instead of trying to see all of them, maybe explore one of them more and appreciate it and its beauty). In thai massage it is all about going slow and feeling the other persons breath and following it. There is no rush.... this concept is hard for me sometimes.... I just want to do it all all the time...

With my revived passion for acrobatics and thai massage I am looking to teach others and spread the love.

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!