Jul 23, 2009

My return to North America and the amazing Mt Rainier... Adventures continue.

Infact, I don't think my adventures ever stop... I don't think I ever want them to stop. After a very long day of travel I finally got to see someone familiar that I missed tons while away... my main man in the seattle airport... What a splendid sight! woot woot. Not only did I get to see Andrew but he also managed to organize a little hiking/camping trip around Mt Rainier national park.

As luck would have it... Our intended relaxed, lazy 2 day hike/camp around the area took a different turn (I wouldn't expect anything less really). After a long lunch in the meadows with Rainier in the background we ran into the Ranger and to make a long story short we couldn't camp out in the "backcountry". There were a couple of options: turn around, camp anyways, or complete the circuit in a day(1/2 day it was already 3pm). So really there was no option.... off we went to complete the entire circuit... call us crazy/eager/adventurous/?!? we had headlamps, food, wine, etc...we could handle what nature had in store for us.... we picked up the pace and enjoyed funky bridges, big trees, a steep pass and a lovely finish in the dark. Dinner was cooked and eaten at about 1030pm and we were in bed by 1130pm... not too bad?!? and we had the whole next day to get back to Vancouver. I love adventures!

We had a lunch break at my favorite pub in Bellingham, Boundary Bay Pub followed by a quick look in REI and back in Vancouver in time to hit the sack by 8pm...haha (we were exhausted).

A perfect way to finish off my fabulous trip...

I can see that not long in the near future there is going to be a little summit to be had on Mt Rainier...possibly with skis?!?

Pictures here!

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!


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