May 14, 2009

clean and jerks

my pecs and lats are still aching from tuesdays work out. My heel infection is slowly looking healthier but whats on my mind? how to get my cleans down.... I got the jerk but am trying to get those fast twitch muscles to wake and move quickly for me... I will get there (mostly because I am stubborn and do not like to fail at things....). Life  back in Vancouver is proving to be even more fun than when I left for 6 months. I did my first ride down Neds (not the quickest nor prettiest ride but am getting there) and heading for another mtn bike tonight on Burnaby mountain. I am looking forward to running again once my heels are a little less swollen.  I am also back in the kayak in Deep cove (i love deep cove) This weekend I will get to try out my new Giant cross bike as Andrew and I are going on a mini bike tour to Denman and Hornby Island... Now I only need to have a talk with Mr. Sunshine and order in more constant sunny days...

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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