Nov 17, 2008

Mountain Biking in Santa Barbara

Andrew and I found an awesome trail yesterday... we were being turned around by the narrow streets and large fire trucks.... Luckily somehow by good chance we found one of the trails that Daniel told us about. We rode up some very technical uphills for awhile, enjoyed some amazing views of SB from the mountains and rode down some awesome single track and magically found ourselves back at the car....

Today Daniel took us up Little Pine trail in the backcountry and it was again an amazing ride... we rode up for 2 hours and then rode down some awesome single track through a variety of terrain... There were some areas that were mentally tough due to the high drop off into the canyons... Following the ride were gorged ourselves with burritos and nachos... delicious!

Andrew unfortunately must head back up to Vancouver BC... I will miss him a lot but am getting exited about the next adventure in the Carribean... Daniel and I are heading to a race on the Islands of Guadeloupe. IGWA is a two person 6 day stage race...

Live, Love, Laugh,...DREAM!

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garobbins said...

Hey Lina, unless that race is sponsored by the International Wheat Gluten Association...I think you've set up the wrong race link, haha!!!

It was like being linked to my arch nemesis in the food world!