Nov 15, 2008

Livin the Dream in Santa Barbara

Following some slacklining and juggling on the UCSB campus Thursday afternoon Andrew and I hit up some hot springs out in the mountains…. The road there was long, interesting and beautiful…. We got to ride along the ridge of the mountain for awhile before we dropped down on the other side and rode in the valley for quite some time. We arrived at this deserted parking lot with old change rooms and bathrooms and one old cold stinky hot spring tub…. We were not impressed… Before heading out disappointed I wanted to check out a trail at the end of the lot…. As the evening was getting dark I was following my desperate want for hot springs…. And BAM there they were two stone tubs full of hot water…. They were awesome! We savored the moment and enjoyed some private wild hot springs! We set up camp not too far away, enjoyed some good eats and a full moon.

Friday morning we were planning on doing a solid mountain bike ride as we were already in the mountains and had brought our bikes with us. Unfortunately for us and the mountains of SB as we were rolling out the Ranger came by to warn us of fires on the mountains and that the main road down into SB was closed. So after some debate whether or not we could still ride the trails we decided to head out but were not satisfied with the decision so somewhere along the way we saw a logging road… we stopped grabbed our bikes and went exploring down the road… other than great views nothing too exiting the road just stopped at one point and we had to climb some steep steep dirt roads back up…. Later that evening we hit up the beach for a night run….it was awesome we took off before sunset and got to experience it while running on the beach… I love it!.

Saturday Andrew and I met up with some old camp friends of mine Kritin and Mark. We met them at Santa Claus beach where we got to try out some SUP (stand up paddling), walk along the beach and have lunch at a fab little grill right on the beach… it was a full on beach day in Cali…. I think I may have found a new sport…. OH no…haha…

I’m already building some fantastic memories and getting my training back up to par…. I feel great!

Live, love, laugh,…DREAM!


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