Oct 28, 2008

Finding my balance again….

After a month of stress, change, excitement, new friendships, easy training, planning, packing, organizing, applying, etc I am starting to find my balance again…

My friends have been a strong wall for me to lean on during these trying times of indecision, confusion, excitement, confidence, lack of confidence, etc They have been by my side no matter if I came running with excitement and confidence or lying in the middle of the floor in tears and confusion…THANK YOU…you guys are the best!

My family is absolutely amazing…no matter what, they provide me with 100% of unconditional support even from the other side of the country!

I am beginning to see the light and a plan is truly brewing, bubbling and developing. I am planning to head to South America. I will hopefully first head to Guadeloupe to race in the IGWA with one of my teammates from Yogaslackers and then head to Lima, Peru to spend some time with another good friend. I hope to spend about two months in Peru and then race in the Trans Andes Mountain Bike race as well as the Patagonia Expedition race in February. From there I might head to Argentina and fly home mid March. All this being said I am going down with open arms, eyes and plans…I am ready to just flow with whatever comes my way: learn, experience and discover….but for now I am still buzzing from a fab weekend on the island.

Comox Mud Ride Weekend…

What a fab weekend! A good crew of us met up in Comox on the island at Nikki and Marc’s place to go ride some of the killer trails in the area. Fortunately (for me) there was no rain and plenty of sunshine which kept the trails relatively more sane than they could have been. I’m still working on my technical downhill skills and so the weekend proved to have some frustrating moments but how could anyone not enjoy the trails no matter what….after a great day on the Cumberland trails, we headed for hot chocolate and then all gathered back at the house for a delicious potluck where we met some more of the local biking gang. After lots of yummy food, Kala, Marg Andrew and I practiced some Acroyoga..they are all improving so much…it is making me proud and excited… We are beginning to spread the word and love of acroyoga and having some acroyogi partners to practice with is so great.

Sunday we headed to Forbidden Plateau. Andrew, Angie, Paul and I rode up from the bottom ‘cause that’s how “hardcore” we are..hehehe… the ride down proved to be pushing my limits but I am getting more and more excited and can see that I am really starting to push through things that before I wouldn’t have even imagined I would ride down. Although I have much room for improvement I can already see how far I have come. I gotta just keep spending time on my bike…which is not a bad thing at all….

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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