Oct 20, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Twenty Eight...hmmmm I don't feel any different?!?

Saturday Andrew, Paul, Angie and I headed to Mt Galbraith in Washington to go mountain biking and then to a concert at the University in Bellingham. Before we headed out Andrew had some car problems so I ran around Port Moody's trails along the inlet. I always love running in different trails no matter what the level or business. These trails are super cute and tons of people were out on the sunny Saturday morning enjoying them.

Mt Galbraith is a great little mountain just outside of the town of Bellingham with a fabulous network of fun trails. We didn't end up arriving until late afternoon but managed to use of up all the light we had left (which still left us with a solid ride). I'm really enjoying spending loads of time in the woods this fall with the sunny days and beautiful fall colours... Fleet Fox was a great little west coast band that I recommend to anybody.

Birthday Hike

For my birthday I enjoyed a little sleep in, and one of my fav hikes/runs on the North Shore. Andrew and I headed up Lynn Peak. The clouds were awesome Sunday morning...they were hanging really low so as we reached the peak we were in fact in the sun above the clouds....really cool. The trail was empty which is always nice for a Sunday morning on the northshore. We then got to create our first Vegan carrot cake (it was amazing!). All in all a fabulous 28th birthday!

As I am preparing to leave I am enjoying spending a lot of time with many of my wonderful friends!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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