Mar 23, 2013

Meeting Milton

Day 4 and part of 5 of Maui training....
Lahaina side

The Randy day: of surfing, more surfing, scenic rides, and meeting new people... LOVED IT
Randy: a great guy that I feel lucky to know:)

I surfed in the harbour as again the wind was zero and the surf was good. I surfed on the 14ft bullet in the morning practicing catching glides, moving on the board, and turning the board....

The later afternoon Randy and I checked out the Lahaina side of the island, the surf wasn't too great looking but we did meet a friend of Randy's and the drive was beautiful. Totally appreciated checking out another part of this magical island... We then went back to the harbour: this time I was on Randy's 9.0 x 27 wave board.... things were lining up and clicking for me... I was understanding the feel of moving on the board, making it turn and lovin' the boost of confidence on the waves...

post surf beverage

Later that evening I got to meet Milton.... Inspirational...He just fired me up about the Molokai to Oahu crossing.. A long time paddler originally from the big island.... he knows so much about the culture, history, and waters of this area... it was amazing to meet him. He  shared stories, knowledge, and ideas... so if anyone has films, books or stories to share about the Hawaiian culture, waters, and especially the Kaiwai channel I would love to learn as much as I can and would appreciate any suggestions...So thank you Randy, and thank you Milton for the very fun evening. I got to also check out yet another part of the island, Kihei.

Randy, Milton, and I

A cold beverage among good people and surf boards

This morning Randy kindly took time to take me out to Kahana beach for some bigger surf than yesterday... I was able to catch waves, but also fell in and failed at catching some waves... its good though cause now I know what I am doing wrong when it all goes wrong, luckily in those waves it was still very little consequence when mistakes were made.... I know for me I can't be timid and scared 'cause I usually end of not catching the wave or falling but if I put my mind to it and  just go for it...  I generally find success.

Now I am enjoying some relaxation until the next session... of possibly a downwind? if the wind decides to blow in the right direction that is....

for the love of being inspired....

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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