Oct 3, 2009

Merritt Mountain Biking

I am not on the ball with blogging. Busy times.

Last weekend after our little birthday/engangement party at ours Paul, Angie, Andrew and I headed to Merritt for a weekend of mountain biking and camping. The weekend was fabulous, sunny yet a little cool. Merritt although small and really known for its country singers and big music festival has some pretty stellar trails. We arrived fairly late on Saturday (had a little sleep in after the late night) and jumped on our bikes right away from the infromation centre. It was one heck of a climb and kind of really hurt. I wasn't sure if I knew what I was getting myself into but after awhile the trail became a little less inclined and a happier nicer climb to the meadows. The decent was fab, smooth, in the meadows, in the trees, by the river and some awesome little bridges. I felt proud to ride them all. I was having an "on" day. We managed to put in a second lap. ANdrew and I lost Paul and Angie for the first half of the descent but I truly impressed myself with riding some steep slab rides.... YAY! My confidence on the bike is getting much much better....

The night proved to be fairly chilly, we had the campground to ourselves so spread out and built a nice fire. I love camping! especially car camping... Andrew and I brought out the comforter and double thermarests etc. so comfy!

The following day we headed over to a different area. Had a nice sustained long climb with some minor bushwacking and log removal. It was my kind of climb... middle ring all the way...

the descent was great as well with a bunch of variety... we had berms, slabs, forest etc... Once again I was on it with my riding... I suppose my style of trails... Now, if only the shore would become my style of the trails...I'm working on it.

It was a brilliant weekend with great friends and fab riding.... woohoo!

more pics here (thanks Paul) and here (thanks andrew).

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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