Oct 26, 2009

Flying High

...quite literally really...I made it to my first circus session and absolutely loved it. I got up on the swinging trapeze and scared myself, hung from another on the double trapeze, played on the silks, the trampoline, and learned some more acroyoga moves... its gonna be a fun winter swinging high.

I was scheduled to do some cyclocross races this weekend but I got a last minute spot at the crossfit gymnastics certification hosted at our crossfit vancouver gym. Jeff Tucker from Texas was great and I definitely learned some new things to add to my gymnastics bank.

It is different being back in full swing with school and crossfit and life. I wouldn't say my training has suffered it just took some different turns. Due to my lack of funds and time (back at school) international racing is a little tougher to do for now and I am taking this time to experiment with other things that I have been meaning to do such as circus, crossfit, yoga, and well there are tons more but alas only 24 hours in a day.

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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