Oct 5, 2009

Local fun

It is fairly rare that we spend a weekend in the city or near the city. It was a good one. It is always such fun to find little jewels that are close to home.
Saturday Andrew and I raced in the New Brighton Cyclocross race. It was a 5 min ride from our home. It proved to be a sunny day but being fall the mornings are quite chilly. Cyclocross is a fun "off season" sport for cyclists or a "on season" sport I suppose if that is your only sport. Anyways, it is done in a crit style with many forms of terrain (sand, grass, road, rocks) as well as hurdles that force you to get off your bike and jump over. It was my first cyclocross race on a my new Giant TCX bike. I raced representing Steed Cylces in the women's C group. I was unsure of what the outcome might be and I was pleasantly surprised. I came second and got to battle it out with a roadie for the entire race. She would pass me on the road sections and I would catch up on the hills and technical aspects of the race. I think crossfit is really going to help me (has helped me) in this sport. The tough all out workoutsd we do at Crossfit Vancouver simulate the 30 min intense ride of cyclocross racing. Andrew did really well as well. We finished the day off with more biking around town and dinner with friends.

Paul's Pictures of Cyclocross here

Sunday we were going to race again in Vanier Park but opted for a long day of hiking/biking up Coliseum and Bruwell Mountain on the North Shore. It was a perfect day. Paul, Angie, Andrew, and I biked into the trail head to begin our hike. It was a steep climb up but very worth it. It's amazing what you can find in Vancouver's backyard. There are so many unbelievable little hikes all around within 30 minutes drive of the city. This one must not be missed from the list of favorites. I was a little annoyed to find my quad acting up on the downhill parts of the hike. So, it is not completely healed just yet and strenuous downhill hiking is still aggravating it.... I need to keep working on strengthening and relaxing it.

Paul's photos here, Andrews photos here

remember to keep exploring your amazing area around you.

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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