Apr 21, 2009

Snow to Surf: Fig Rolls takes Bronze

This past weekend Andrew, Angie, Paul and I headed to Comox Valley to take part in the annual Snow to Surf Relay Race. It is a relay race comprised of 8 stages and 9 team members (downhill ski, nordic ski, run x2, mtn bike, kayak, road bike, canoe x2people). Mark and Nicki were kind enough to invite us along on their team and organize the logistics for us. It is a huge event that the entire town gets into and funny enough is taken quite seriously by most...

I was pretty excited to race in the kayak leg as last time I took part in the race (about 3 years ago or so) I was a runner... Nice to experience something different. The water was mighty choppy so I was pretty content to be sitting in a fibre glass sea kayak rather than a surf ski (especially since I have not been in a surfski for over 7 months... yikes). 

Mark flew into the transition in the top 20 for sure and the rest of the crew that had been done had come to see me off just in time; which was very cool. My paddle was pretty good considering the lack of paddling training during the travels. It was really fun with the waves (tough as well...). The most embarrassing/comedy portion of my leg was getting out of the boat to pass on the wrist band to our roadie, Dave. My left leg had fallen asleep while kayaking and when I tried to step onto it I collapsed not once, not twice but three times in front of the crowds.. That little hill suddenly felt like a mountain and I wasn't too sure how I would manage the exchange.. I ended up holding my left leg and limping up to Dave for the pass off.. I also managed to score an interview with the local tv guy due to my beautiful performance... SO if you happen to check out local Comox news I will most likely be on there stumbling out of my kayak... Slick, I know. 

The team did great! (even with the barge of canoe we ended up with). Such a fun race. Fig Rolls managed to come in third in the Open Mix Category. 

Some Pictures from the weekend that Paul took here

Live, Love, Laugh,...DREAM!


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