Apr 16, 2009

Back in Vancouver: First Ski Tour of the season Lizzie Lake

Two days back in the city and I already found myself running in the trails and backcountry skiing....

Spending four days, three nights out in the backcountry with good friends, fresh pow and amazing mountains how could one not be in heaven? What a beautiful way to begin my time back in Vancouver… backcountry skiing with three great friends! None of us had ever ventured out to Lizzie Lake cabin hut prior to the long weekend. Noone had probably wanted to try the 8 hour logging road slog up to the lake and then the heinous ski up through the steep trees to get to the inspiring Shangrila Gates just to get a couple of days of skiing in… well, let me tell you we have been missing out… This area has huge potential for massive amounts of fun… the terrain is vast and varied, steep, mellow, open, trees, scrambles etc etc etc… the hut: well,…its rustic but does the job. Fits 6 comfortably, 8 a little less comfortably and more than eight… hopefully your all good friends.

Skiing up with folks that have been on the skis the entire season was a humbling experience… I won’t lie I got tired, stuck in holes and was just plain old slow… but as the weekend passed on I felt the old legs come back at least a little and the turns were beginning to feel a little less forced. I truly love the backcountry… My sanctuary from all of life’s worries and hardships….

The new set up was fabulous.. My new Dynafit boots and bindings were comfy my new G3 Aviatrix were fast and light.

I’m hoping to get at least one more weekend in before I head out again to do some training courses on the island and in Mexico.

Live, Love, Laugh,…DREAM!


(look forward to some write ups about my trip in South America, more pics etc etc.. I know I am doing the catch up thing… tough when there is so much adventure in life…)

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