Dec 12, 2008

A week full of new and wonderful adventures in Lima

Buenos mis amigos. Yo commenco mi clase del espanol. I have had four lessons and have been trying to learn as much as possible each and every day....I didnt realize just how much effort needs to be put into learning a new language. Its been a blast and I look forward to seeing my improvements...

Vanna Functional Training
Vanna is this amazing woman who is adventurous, fit and so nice and helpful. ...she is essentially one rad girl...Francisco and i headed there and got a solid workout out of her..My butt and back were feeling it the next day for sure... it is kind of like cross fit... we did lots of
sets of exercises using our own weight or medecine ball, bungees etc

Bikrams Yoga
thursday i went back to bikrams yoga... i truly am starting to enjoy
the sauna feeling and working hard in that kind of environment....the next day
i feel like a new is an amazing experience and one i
never used to enjoy.... i am enjoying discovering this new type of yoga, a great instructor and fabulous yogis...

BEST BIKES Mountain Bike Ride

so my favorite part of the week had been this morning...i went for a
ride with pedro and nina at 530am and it was so beautiful and fun and
adventurous and different (i am still riding a high). we went for a two hour ride to this local
hump of dirt (chorillo...quite beautiful in its special way) with a lot of monuments on it.... we rode some single
track which was a little single track made amongst broken rock, sand,and
dirt and then rode along the beach roads
hopping curbs and riding whatever dirt we could was so great
to be back on the bike...yay!

Pedro is a fabulous man who owns a wonderful bike shop in san isidro called best bikes and his friend Nina is a beautiful woman who has such a great smile and awesome attitude... I am going to have fun with them

tomorrow we are going for a 6 hour ride
somehwere...i cant wait!

Base Camp Rock Wall
after spanish class i headed to check out the local rock wall...and met Manolo..the guy who owns it
and we ended up chatting a bunch....yet another fabulous peruvian we chatted about life in the outdoors, biking, cimbing, trekking, he knows the best peruvian mountain biker
who lives in cusco and he himself has biked from argentina to lima 5000
km. I enjoyed the vibe so i think i will head there a couple times
after class to climb....
i am definitely starting to find my place in this huge city full of
crazy drivers and lots and lots of people....

oh and there is this olive tree park...a park full of hundreds of
olive trees and it was so cute i was biking through there last night
on my way home from yoga and there were couples sitting on every
second bench....oh the city of love....hahaha...gotta love
the latinos....they love their love....

hasta luego!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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