Dec 17, 2008

Finding Beauty in a city full of chaos...

It has been two weeks since my arrival into Lima, Peru. I have been lodging with my good friend Alex. An amazing guy,full of life, and passions. He has introduced me to some wonderful friends and I have also been able to find some fellow mountain bikers. A typical day consists of either an early morning ride with some local Peruvians mainly now good friend Pedro then 4 hours of Spanish class where I learn verbs, conversation and reading. A little session on the internet to catch up with friends and plan future trips. A run and some studying Spanish while suntanning on Alex´s roof top. Then either a yoga class, or just hanging with alex or friends or some night time activity. Through running, biking, walking and exploring I have found some fabulous little parcs, trails, hills, ocean etc. Alex and I have been surfing and shopped at the market...all of these are beautiful experiences and I feel blessed to have this opportunity.

Pedro and I went for a 5.5 hour ride to the local mountain area on Saturday. It was hot and beautiful. Although we did bike through the slums of lima on our way out to Pachacamac. It is a 100 km return ride. It is amazing to see the diversity of the level of clases and how people live. I sometimes forget that I have lived among the upper class my entire life.

Alex and I headed into the surf for our sunday morning session. I rent a board from local Carlos.... a great local who knows it all about surfing. I am definitely getting more and more confident each go and am even beginning to turn.... the waves in Lima are perfect and consistent... the water a little murky but who is thinking about that...?...

I love the market here. Alex knows his sellers and has his buddies so it is always a fun experience heading into the heart of the market...the fruit, nuts and veggies are an absolute bargain! i even liked the squid and ceviche.... My taste buds are adjusting.

Alex has opened his new restaurant. We headed there for lunch today! I am so proud of him!

I am going to head to the beach thursday night with a group of yogis to help run a workshop for kids. Francisco has begun a movement called Synergy and it is beautiful so we are going to let kids explore this great movement.

I had my first experience with an upset stomach... i was hoping my body was stronger than most but alas it has hit me.... not so bad just some quick runs to the bathroom...wink wink...

I am now looking forward to a week in the jungle.....woot woot

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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