Dec 23, 2008

Happy Holidays: Tis the Season for Giving and Receiving

This past week has been full of solid beach time. I´ve been loving it. I have a tan in December!

Chin Chang Workshop

I have been granted the chance to join the Synergy clan to help out at a workshop for a poor town in Chin Chang.The five of us headed off in the evening to meet up at Daniela´s dreamy place on the beach close to the town of Chin Chang. We greated with plenty of delicious food, fruit, good chatter and a lovely bed. In the morning we hung out on the beach, practiced yoga, synergy, I set up a slackline and swam in the ocean. Unfortunately Rosario got stung by a sting ray.... ouch but all turned out well after the extracter was put to use...
We headed to the workshop in the afternoon and were greeted by many excited children chasing our cars as we rolled into their town. We did a one hour stretching, synergy fun exercise and then were able to provide them with a few gifts. It was a very touching experience and at times hard to fully understand. It is a great thing being able to give. I hope more of these opportunities fall into my lap....

A morning bike ride with Pedro and Nina was a great way to start the day. We explored a new little area.... I loved the adventure and the random hike bike... haha...

Synergy class followed and it was the best thing to do right after a three hour ride... woohoo...

After some faff I found myself at a beautiful beach surrounded by beautiful homes.. we hung out with some friends and then stoped to eat this sandwhich that the name escapes me for now...

Sunday Alex and I set up the slackline in the park by the ocean... we attracted a great crowd, taught some newbies, did some synergy and just enjoyed the beautiful afternoon in the sun.

My spanish classes have come to an end so now it is all up to me and my great self discipline to continue the work I have begun.

I am excited as on Thurdady Alex and I are heading deep into the Amazon Jungle...more on that later.

for now:

I wanted to thank the many people that have given to be in the last bit while I have on my adventures down south.
Good friend Alex has opened his home to me. Has welcomed me into his circle of friends. Has taken the time to show me around Lima and has been an amazing friend. I have enjoyed chatting and playing and exploring with him. I have in return replenished his need for exercise (I am good at this).e have gone surfing, walking, slacklining etc.

Francisco and the Synergy Group
They have also opened their heart and arms and welcomed me into this fabulous energy. I have been reintroduced to Bikrams yoga, introduced to Synergy and have enjoyed being a guest at beach houses, birthday parties and children workshops.

Pedro and the biking gang
Another group of unbelievable people. Athletes, bikers and keen adventurers.Without them my bike would be gaining dust and my training none existent. They have allowed me to join their morning rides and showed parts of lima I would have never have experienced otherwise and have helped me train for the upcoming races.

My number one. Without his patience, support from Vancouver, love, care and everything else many things would be a mess and little ol´me would not beable to remain so calm... I love you! thanks

My family rocks.... they have supported and loved me no matter. I can not wait to see my dad and wish I could spend the holidays with them... they are always in my heart and my wishes...

Merry Christmas!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!