Jun 5, 2008

The Simple Life

My 5 day trip to Nevada..

There I was on a sunny Tuesday evening sitting inside a car in the desert with a new close friend, fellow adventurer, explorer, driving to a park after three days of climbing in the red rocks canyon, a day of adventure racing, camping, slacklining, mountain biking, hiking, sweating in the desert heat, sleeping under the stars, not showering, wearing the same clothes……beaming! Jason and I looked at each other gave a nod, a deep breath and a smile,…. ahhh this is the life…but how can we be so pleasantly content living with relatively nothing, among the dirt, the grass, the mountains, with no houses, no showers, no tv, no couch, no bed, no plate, just a spoon we all have to share?....EASY.
One glance around, one look up and down and side to side tells me how I know this simple life is the ultimate…

what do I see? I see a beautiful landscape, I see natural light, a blazing round sun, I see wandering burrows

what do I feel? I feel a cool breeze, I feel the touch of solid sandstone rock, I feel the touch of closeness from dear friends, the trust, the laughter, the emotions

I hear the wind gushing from side to side while I am swaying 200feet in the air along side a massive wall of rock,

I wipe the sweat droplets from my forehead while running aimlessly along dirt trails leading to nowhere but somewhere all at the same time.,…I lose myself in endless story sharing …the peacefulness yet utter strength of the mountains and canyons….

I enjoy the ultimate FREEDOM to be me.

These past 5 days spent in the Las Vegas area were special: I grew, I laughed, I cried, I was confident, I was extremely nervous and scared, I felt love and I felt pain.

What we physically did was exciting and amazing, we won a sprint adventure race (our second race together as team yogaslackers), we climbed several pitches of both trad and sport climbs, some higher than others some more technical than others,….we mountain biked throughout the desert, we learned some acro yoga maneuvers that strengthen trust between a group, we cooked out in the open, we slept under the stars, we ran on remote trails with backpacks full of climbing gear, we sweated and we laughed!

I am constantly striving to learn more about myself, about my joys and dislikes, my strengths and weaknesses, I am continually sharing and re adjusting my goals…. I am trying to find out what I truly appreciate in life, in myself, in others…but most importantly I am trying to live by my mottos:
1. No regrets
2. Live on purpose
3. Live, love, laugh,…DREAM!

Every experience, every moment, every word, and every touch is a pebble towards our road and our journey to ultimate happiness and peace!

Ahhh…the simple life

Live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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