Jun 16, 2008

Back on the Rock among other things...

The Uniqueness of Self Exploration

This past week I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic and how wonderful it is and how it makes our world unique and functional. Lots of people in the last while have come across my blog which is awesome and the responses I’ve received have been tremendous. One of the most popular comments I keep receiving is how inspiring and motivating it is. This is my goal with my blog, when I speak to people, and through my actions; but what I want people to realize and differentiate is that what I do, how I deal with certain things, how I learn about myself and my goals and dreams are unique to me and not anyone else. Although I can be inspiring I would never want to inspire someone to follow MY dreams but inspire them to think about THEIR goals, dreams and passions. Although I may be able to run 100km or race for 4 days in the wild and you have trouble running 5km doesn’t make you a lesser person and me a bigger more important person. Heck if I can sing one note on tune or play the guitar or cook an amazing dinner. Each person has their own means to help them deal with pain, or help them to discover more about themselves and the world. I just happen to choose extreme adventurous endurance sports and you maybe the same or most likely something completely different. So don’t hide behind your strengths and passions live them and cherish them as they are YOU and only YOU.

That leads me into my weekend of Rock climbing, Mtn Biking, Running, Kayaking and chilling with fantastic Friends!!

This weekend was a blast; I managed to spend most of it with some of my favorite people that at times I don’t see for weeks on end. Our good friend Alex West was in town and another friend just moved into his own pad in the quaint yet sketchy neighborhood of Gastown. These two events were the platforms that controlled our plans for the weekend.

Friday night I cycled down to SJ and Tom’s place in the West End and we all got together for sushi and chats.

We hit up the Bluffs in Squamish for a fun rock climbing session. I worked on my crack climbing and am feeling more and more comfortable. It seems like this fear that used to hold me back has dissipated which allows me to climb more confidently and in return tougher routes. We ended with a slab sport climb that had no hands and at one point no hands or feet…made for an interesting climb…it re-confirmed my love of juggy holds..but a fun climb nonetheless. Upon the return into town SJ and I enjoyed a run through the Stanley park trails before heading over to Pete’s for more good times with a solid crowd of fine people. I enjoyed teaching acroyoga throughout the day!

Sunday morning was trail day with Steed Cycles. I cycled up a massive hill (made me re-think my fitness level….) and met up with the crowd at the bottom of Floppy Bunny on Fromme Mountain. It was super well organized with an awesome chili lunch made from scratch by Scott and lots of exciting workstations. I happen to help build a bridge and a corner. It was my first NSMB trail maintenance day and I hope to make it out to a few more.

I managed to hook up with SJ, Marg and Melissa for an all girls power mountain bike ride. We hit up the Mt Seymour trails and ripped! To top of a packed day full of activity I got together with Johnny for a fun relaxing surf ski paddle out in Deep Cove. We were both pretty exhausted but it was a blast to cruise around on the ocean on a beautiful Sunday evening. Something I would like to do more often. My favorite time of day is dusk: peaceful and beautiful.

Another fantastic weekend full of good friends, lots of exercise and time in the gorgeous outdoors.

Live, Love, Laugh,…DREAM!


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