Jun 24, 2008

Whistler and Comfortably Numb Race Report

Whistler a multisport weekend!

I love that Whistler despite having lived and worked there is still such a magical place for me. I caught a ride up with Marshall, a friend I know from kayaking. Thanks to the long summer days we got up with plenty of light left for the evening. I met up with my good friends Ali and Graeme and eventually we made our way to Alpha Lake park and I showed them some slacklining and we played around with acro yoga until dark.

Saturday Graeme, Marshall and I ripped through some amazing Whistler mountain bike trails. My favorite trail of the day was Danimal, a fab trail by Alta Lake Road. I remember having to walk most of the trail…I’ve come a long way.. ..We finished our 3hr ride off with River Runs Through it and a cold but refreshing jump into Alta Lake. Later that evening Ali and I made our way to the disc golf course in Spruce Grove and practiced our mad tossing skills….

Comfortably Numb 25km Trail Run Race Report

I can’t believe I had never been on this epic trail before. It is a gorgeous technical trail. I can now understand how it is far faster to run it than ride it. The first ¾ of the trail is an uphill battle with some undulating sections. There are some steep down hills with loose rock and some bigger drop offs. The views are breath taking and magical (so worth the pain). The race began at 9am and I was feeling good but I was lacking in the good pre race butterfly/nervousness. I just wasn’t feeling like I normally do on race days…I shrugged it off and took it as a good sign to be more relaxed than ever…maybe too relaxed? I began the race in typical Lina fashion slow and steady letting people outfront giver’ off the line. I was actually feeling pretty good but as the race went on I started to notice that maybe I was feeling too good for a “race”. I couldn’t understand why I just wouldn’t go faster…hmmm…I still don’t quite know. To make a long story short, I finished the 25km with lots of energy and a smile but a little disappointed in my lack of speed throughout the course. I believe it is a mistake on my part for not doing as much speed training as I probably should be doing but I have been shifting my focus from ultra running to surf skiing/marathon kayaking….watch out kayaking world there may be a new girl hitting up the surf in the near future…hahaha…

I finished the weekend off with a beautiful evening surf ski paddle out in deep cove….

All in all a fabulous weekend…

Live, Love, Laugh,…DREAM!

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